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Travel Tips for Samoa

·       Samoa drives on the left hand side of the road.

·       Local time in Samoa is UTC +14 (same day as New Zealand but an hour ahead)

·       Planning on sightseeing and need a car? Contact

·       Travelling to the big Island of Savai’i?

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Travelling around Samoa

When Traveling around Samoa please be aware that it is common courtesy to ask permission from the village people before going for a swim or taking photos unless it is an existing tourist location. It is also common courtesy not to walk in front of people sitting down but should you have no other option say excuse me as you walk past with a slight bow forward. Samoan is the preferred spoken language however English is understood and spoken by the majority when spoken to in English. Standard dress code is casual and beach wear is acceptable on the beaches and pool side, but not in town. Nudity is not an acceptable practice. Samoans are church going people and value their Sundays as a day of rest so if you should be driving around on a Sunday please respect the locals rest day and visit only the beach resorts and local swimming areas.
Tipping is not encouraged but should you feel the need to, by all means, make His or Her day.
Check out our blog for more stories about Samoa, our hotel and travelling. 

We highly recommend advanced bookings for ferry travel to the big Island of Savaii if you are taking a rental car with you. It's the only way the local people use to get to and from the big island and as such it's very full. Confirm with us your travel itinerary and we can make advanced booking on your behalf.

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Samoa Language

Some commonly spoken words:
Hello - Talofa (tah low fah)
Goodbye - Tofa (toe fah)
Thank you - Fa'afetai ( fah ah fe tie)
Please - Fa'amolemole (fah ah mow le mow le)
Excuse me - Tulou (too low)
Come - Sau (sah ooh)
Go - Alu (ah lou)
Toilet - faleuila (fah le we la)
Bathroom - Faletaele (fah le ta elle)
Love - Alofa (ah low fah)
You - Oe (O eh)
Me/ I - o au (O hah ooh)

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